About Coelima

Coelima began with Mr. Albano Coelho Lima, a handloom and a dream, in 1922. To them, the
Mr. Albano added linen and cotton, and colored them with the most beautiful intentions and fantasies of one day becoming a great company, made for people. Years passed, many other people passed by Coelima too, but something remained unchanged: the resilience of its workers, the values ​​instilled by Mr. Albano, and the concern to always do more and better. Everything we do is done with love and passion, from our home to yours!


We were one of the first Portuguese companies to offer its workers more dignified working and living conditions.

Still in the Estado Novo, the company created social services, including a medical post with general and family medicine and dental medicine services. He also created a canteen for workers' meals, an innovative idea at the time.

But the most innovative of all was the creation of a cooperative, a supermarket with subsidized prices for the company's workers.

These initiatives contributed to improving the quality of life of Coelima workers, providing them with access to healthcare, food and other essential services at lower prices.

We were a pioneering company in defending workers’ rights and promoting their quality of life.

  • Values

    • Quality;
    • Respect for people and the environment;
    • Innovation and original design;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Integrity;
    • Orientation to customer needs.
  • Mission

    • Evolve to provide more and better conditions for workers;
    • Reach more markets, enhancing the quality of our products and services;
    • Invest in sustainable techniques and strategies;
    • Continue to be a reference in the Home Textiles sector.
  • Vision

    • Design, produce and deliver textile items that honor the historical past of the Coelima brand;
    • Being at the forefront of the latest techniques and materials and, above all, maintaining customer and employee satisfaction.