• Premium Comfort

  • Natural Fibers

  • Sustainable

  • Centennial Company

  • Made in Portugal

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  • Lala Cortez

    I've been married for 46 years and I still have sheets from your brand that I use. Congratulations on the quality, the beauty of the offer and for still existing and being a Portuguese product. Absolutely fan!

  • Margarida FH

    I've had some sheets from the Coelima Gold Crest Collection for 21 years that I really like!
    They have excellent quality!
    I bought them in 2002 at
    Casa Alegre de Ílhavo.

  • Ana Miranda

    Our houses are modern and if our parents bought us Coelima we have everything to trust the brand!
    Despite everything, I won't buy anything that isn't from your brand!

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Meet Coelima

Coelima is a company with more than 100 years of experience, with a history of dreams, resilience and love. The company was founded with a dream, it has grown over the years while maintaining its values. Producing all of its products with care and dedication, so that it can satisfy all of its customers' needs.

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